Spicy, tasty, fresh Peruvian cuisine

Friday after I taught my elder art class, I went exploring on Filmore St in SF. I used to hang there when I was younger, but not in a loooong time. I came upon a really great restaurant I want to recommend called, Fresca. It said “nouveau Peruvian cuisine” on its sign. I thought that sounded kinda hoitty toitty, but thought, why not give it a try.

I had a large bowl of roasted mussels with chorizo and a zesty tomato broth full of garlic and onions, for $10. It came with 2 slices of toasted garlic bread. Though this was an appetizer it was very filling and satisfyingly wonderful. Many diners were going for the seafood ceviche which looked glisteningly fresh.

Here are some other appetizers on the menu:

camarones chicama « coconut crusted jumbo tiger prawns, black bean salad, lucuma-orange glaze.
crab croquetas « jumbo lump crab cakes, coconut cream, mango coulis, pickled papaya salad.
papa rellena « fried potato croquette, beef picadillo, pickled onions, aji panca miso.
ceviche 5 elementos « halibut, lime juice, rocoto aji, red onion, sea salt.
ceviche chino « big-eye tuna tartare, ponzu sauce, avocado, aji huacatay, butter lettuce, wonton chips.
ceviche mixto « squid, halibut, prawn, clam, cilantro, red onion, rocoto aji, lime juice, sea salt.
tiradito « kona kampachi sashimi, jalapeño, soy, white truffle oil, andean corn.

When I looked up their website I was surprised to see that they have two other restaurants in the SF – one on 24th St and the other on Portal Avenue.

I highly recommend Fresca – the one on Filmore anyway. It looks a little fancy for a quick lunch, but the staff is very friendly and the food is terrific!


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