Paisley succulent garden making

This the blow by blow slide show of the making our new succulent garden. Most of these plants came up from Jane’s old abode in Pasadena in our transport bus (which we sold, thank goodness!) All the plants needed transplanting and my friend Carla designed the cool paisley and created the garden for us. Thanks Carla! You can reach this wonderful gardener at Carla Lazzarini Garden Design


3 thoughts on “Paisley succulent garden making

  1. Film Review…

    Reminiscent of Judy Shintani’s earlier work, “Paisley Succulent Garden Making” has all the elements of her classic blog posts, such as… “Solar Seville” and “What to do When You Lose Something”, but adds something entirely new to the artist’s repertoire. It tells the story of trapped, root bound succulents, suffocating in their own pots, set free to spread their roots in the earth by a nurturing gardener into a utopian habitat- designed especially for them. While impossible not to escape the metaphor here, the piece is never heavy handed and leaves the viewer with a sense of hope for our relationship with the earth… and all of her inhabitants. -~now playing at!~

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