Homemade tinker toys

We have been spending a lot of time focusing on painting at the preschool lately. I wanted to mix it up and introduced a 3D project. Another benefit to this project, is it is a lot less messy.

Homemade Tinker Toys
-different colored straws cut to different lengths
– paper cups
– pipe cleaners
– to make holes in the cups – exacto knife and large knitting needle, or pen, whatever for adult to make a round hole

The kids 2.5 to 4.5 years old, went to town immediately filling the holes in the cups with the straws and the pipe cleaners. They were very selective about the colors they choose to incorporate into their pieces. I also found it fascinating that some of them experimented with the orientation of their pieces, using the inside of the cups and the sides, and figuring out different ways to use the pipe cleaners and the straws together.






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