29 Day Giving Challenge – I’m doing it!

I read about Cami Walker on the Art and Healing Network site and fell in love with her story and her cause, 29 days of giving.


Here she explains how she started it:

I decided to do the 29-Day Giving Challenge as an experiment. I was in a very dark period in my life dealing with a chronic illness (Multiple Sclerosis) as well as a major move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. One of my spiritual teachers, Mbali Creazzo, suggested that I give away 29 things in 29 days in an effort to get outside my own struggle for a few seconds each day. I wrote down Mbali’s suggestion in my journal and then promptly forgot about it. I couldn’t fathom giving to others at that point. I was very attached to my struggle and really believed that I had nothing to give anyone. I believed I needed all of my energy for my own healing. I was forgetting that healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens through our interactions with other people. The first day of my personal 29-Day Giving Challenge was preceded by a sleepless night. I was awake all night feeling angry and sorry for myself. When insomnia hits, I often go through old journals and read them. I found a note that I’d made during that phone session with Mbali two months before. The note said, “Give something away each day for 29 days.” It was 3 a.m. and I decided in that moment to take the suggestion.

Read more about Cami’s story and her cause on her site: http://29gifts.org/about.html

I joined today and I will be reporting where this new journey takes me!


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