Impermanence: Embracing Change, Hodges at Moon News Bookstore, 2/28/09

David and Ha-jin Hodge, Impermanence: Embracing Change

imperm1_150x132Saturday, February 28, 7:00 PM

Moon News Bookstore
315 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, California 94019

ph 650-726-8610
fax 650-726-8611

What does it mean that we are constantly changing? How do people confront ideas like death and change? Asked to contribute to an exhibit celebrating the work of the Dalai Lama, local multimedia artists David and Hi-Jin Hodge interviewed over a hundred people about impermanence and change in their lives. Their subjects ranged from philosophers to gardeners, economists to spiritual leaders, doctors to patients. The result was incredibly moving. The Hodges’ installation consisted of a large, circular arrangement of mounted iPods on which the interviews played simultaneously, each on its own screen. Now this unique record has been made available for a wider audience; it includes both a book and a DVD so that the interviews can be viewed as they were seen in the original exhibit.

The Hodges would like to invite all participants that were interviewed for this project to share with those of us at the event what has changed in their lives since they were filmed in 2006. What was impermanent for you?

David Hodge and Hi-jin Kong Hodge are internationally recognized artists, designers and filmmakers. Their artistic video installations explore a diverse range of topics, typically blending editorial materials and innovative uses of technology to explore complex human and social questions. The Hodges live in Half Moon Bay.


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