Tweet inspiration


I am part of a 3 person art collaborative that is focusing on image transfer techniques.

As far as content I am playing with the idea of overhearing some one. My first piece is based on a tweet I read, “Why doesn’t she get her hair out of her eyes?” If you are not familiar with a “tweet”, that is an instant communication of a thought, or information, on the digital sharing network called “Twitter“. I do not personally know the person who tweeted this phrase, or who she was referring to. I just liked the question out of context. I wondered if she was tweeting about some one she knew? Or if it was about a stranger? And who was she sharing this info with and why? It sounds like a bit of a criticism.

I decided to play on the phrase as a question about consciousness. The hair is often regarded as a symbol of power. The idea of “getting her hair out of her eyes” says to me that her power or ego, may be blinding the spoken about woman, and to move the hair or veil may help her to truly see. It can also be about being seen. Is she hiding behind her hair, her power, her beauty?

Here is the transfer process I used:

1) Select black and white image (also tried with color and worked fine) and make copy with toner copy machine at a copy shop. I did not flip it so it transferred reversed, but if you want it going the original way, you can scan into computer and flip it and then copy.

2) Use matte gel (must be gel, tried it with just plain matte medium and did not work) to coat area of cotton you will be transferring to and also coat cut out image on the print side.

3) Place image down onto gel area of fabric and rub till faint image shows.

4) Let fabric dry (do not remove till dry otherwise you will rub off image, I know, I did it). I got impatient and dried it in front of a heater. Rub off image with wet sponge.

5) Dry fabric and then add paint.


I just put this piece into the mail so the next artist can riff off it to create her own piece. I am not sharing the inspiration for it till we all finish our works, so I hope the participating artists are not reading this post. It will be interesting to see how my art is interpreted without the words.


2 thoughts on “Tweet inspiration

  1. Judy, It is driving me crazy. I subscribe to you on Twitter. I want to respond. However, since you aren’t following me, I can’t get through. Follow me and then I can respond to your Twitter posts. So many are interesting. I want to respond! 🙂

  2. Twitter stepped in and took over the real-time information aspect of social media, something that even news websites had failed to execute. The witnesses and participants of events were now ‘tweeting’ their experiences as they were occurring, giving audiences with pure insight and uncensored content. Although Twitter feels like a lose end waiting to be tied, its remarkably exponential worldwide growing will sustain its community and – more importantly – create a connection among audiences that neither Facebook nor any other media can come close to achieve.

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