First 100% biodegradable-recyclable water bottle

It seems weird that it has taken so long for this to happen, but we are finally going to be able to drink bottled water and not worry about adding to that big plastic island that is floating around out there.

The AQUAMANTRA ENSO™ bottle will be available for shipment to store shelves in May 2009 and that is welcomed news to both retailers and consumers who have felt the pressure from environmental groups and consumers who are concerned about exploding landfills bulging with non-recyclable-compostable plastics. Research done by analysts at Morgan Stanley found that “23 percent [of consumers] say they are cutting back on bottled beverages in favor of tap water or beverages in containers that create less waste.”

When the bottles end up in a microbial landfill, (80% of them are) the bottle will break down within 1-5 years into inert biomass and biogas through either an anaerobic (no oxygen, no light) or aerobic decomposition. For more info click here.


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