“Dirty Wow Wow”, and other love stories

I have to say I just LOVE this book. From the title “Dirty Wow Wow” you may wonder what in the heck is this about?


It’s a lovely collection and stories about love affairs with childhood toys, mostly the cuddly threadbare kind we carried around with us and slept with. The images of these well loved animals are so heart touching that you have to take a look. Not only can you purchase the book, but you can also go to a site to check out the gallery http://www.dirtywowwow.com/index.html

So the question is, what about your own stuffed friend? I had a humpty dumpty that my mother said I carried on whole baby talk conversations with in my crib and Ander had a Winnie the Pooh (but don’t tell him I told you so!)


2 thoughts on ““Dirty Wow Wow”, and other love stories

  1. I love this! Mine was Raggedy Ann, and she went to many a girl scout summer camp with me. She had to have a new face sewn on from wear and tear. And she lost her red yarn hair when my big brother pulled it off during a fight (he never gave the hair back to me, which is why i think, personally, he went bald in college :)). She later went on to college and joined the dan white hit squad. And she once starred in a book with flopsy the bunny (MG’s wow-wow) about getting sober. She lives a peaceful life now in HMB, since her main work is done.

    Of course A had Winne the Pooh! Awww…so cute.

  2. I had “Ralph”. I have no idea what species he is. My very first sewing project was a garment for him. Now he sits on the top shelf of my bedroom closet, scaring Jeff at night when I forget to shut the door.

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