Tree meditation

I recently got in a tweet discussion about whether one can feel tree energy. That gave me incentive to pass on my experience with this phenomenon.

I have always felt energized and in the presence of mighty beings when I spent time in the woods, but it wasn’t until I went on an all day retreat with a Taoist meditation group that I tried to make a deliberate connection with a specific tree.

We were instructed to select a tree that we were drawn to. Then we planted our feet firmly at the base of the tree. Next we extended our arms and placed our hands on the tree trunk. As we breathed in, we sent our energy through our arms into the tree. As we exhaled we took in the trees energy. My whole body became energized through this experience. Next we expanded the cycle of energy to come from the tree into our arms down our body, through our feet and back into the tree roots, and around and around we went for a few cycles. Let me tell you, if you ever want to feel grounded this is how to do it.

Not only were the human participants energized but the trees were also. People selected weak, unhealthy trees in order to give them a boost.

I know this may all seem crazy to some of you, but try it, before you knock it. I would love to hear your experience.


2 thoughts on “Tree meditation

  1. As a colleague of mine likes to say, don’t complain about having to jump in the water unless you are coming back to me soaking wet. One of the challenges that adults face is to allow the child’s mind to open the doors to the imaginal. Daily I watch as my son communes with the apple tree…it is his companion at play. It’s not forced or contrived, but truly just a given.

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