What’s my inspiration?

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Iflirtation on twitter recently asked what inspires me and I found this an interesting topic to write about. What does “inspiration” mean to me? It is those things that get me excited and motivates me to action or at least have a thought. I jotted down quickly what came to mind and the order in which it popped in. Most of these 10 things have inspired me to create.

1) My loved ones – who falls into this category? My partner, my family, my kitties, and my friends. These are the people (and creatures) who support me and question me and really help me do the best art I can do. I have created art around emotions, history, and portraits concerning my relationships.

2) Mystery – I don’t mind not knowing everything. I like the revealing process – in events, relationships, in my art. Just being with it and enjoying it.

3) Simplifying – I am constantly in the process of streamlining my lifestyle. It feels great to be lighter. I am very inspired by folks who make a small footprint on this earth.

4) Creativity – is everywhere and in many different forms. I like it when it appears and delights me. I find creativity in music, conversations, art, cooking, dancing, being.

5) Nature – is a big one for me. Nature recharges my batteries. I like to incorporate bits of it with man made materials for contrast, for softening, for remembering where we came from.

6) Injustice – motivates me to create a response, a visibility, an awareness.

7) Social media- I am jazzed about connecting and relating and learning and exposure to people and things I would not know about on my own. I like participating and contributing to the world this way.

Teaching– my way of teaching is to provide a safe place and opportunity for people of all ages to explore themselves through creativity. I provide a way in through a lesson. It is inspiring to see where people go with it and to see their transformation.

9) Peace – in a moment, in nature, in silence, in community is like a breath of fresh air. The idea, dream of peace in the world is inspiring.

10) Traveling – is like a shot in the arm. It can be a way out of my head and concerns. It is a way to just be delighted and aware of what else is happening in the world. And often it is a way of appreciating where I live and my community even more.


6 thoughts on “What’s my inspiration?

  1. it’s interesting to reflect on the people, animals, and things that inspire us. thanks for sharing, you gave me food for thought.


  2. Thanks- because of your tweet- i came to visit your website again and discovered this lovely post- which by and large synchronises so much with what inspires me too….and you love kitties too! I have 3! Apologies again- out of context I can see how my tweet could appear offensive or ill-informed. My own Dad had Alzheimers, and he was still working till about 74!

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