Oh yeah…everything is connected

A plan to restore salmon runs on California’s Sacramento River also could help revive killer whale populations 700 miles to the north in Puget Sound , as federal scientists struggle to protect endangered species in a complex ecosystem that stretches along the Pacific coast from California to Alaska . Without wild salmon from the Sacramento and American rivers as part of their diet, the killer whales might face extinction, scientists concluded in a biological opinion that could result in even more severe water restrictions for farmers in the drought-stricken, 400-mile-long Central Valley of California . The valley is the nation’s most productive farm region.

Read the rest of the story by clicking here.

When I read this article it really reminded me how much everything is connected to everything else and how that connection makes the world go around. I guess this is an obvious concept yet it is not that often that I think about it. What makes it even more relevant to me personally is that I am connected to all these different locations that they are talking about in the article.

I grew up in the Central Valley, working the summers in vineyards, my cousins grew rice and tomatoes, my brothers worked in the packing sheds. Restoring the rivers for salmon affects the lives of farmers. Now I live in Half Moon Bay – a big salmon fishing town, so I hear about the worries of our local fishermen. And my father is from Washington and I just was there visiting cousins, and played on Orcas Island in the San Juans.

I can hear all these different voices with their concerns and arguments. Everything is connected, for better or worse.


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