What about tomorrow?

The latest artist collaborative theme we are working with, is the phrase, “What about Tomorrow?” I can take that question so many ways: what am I doing tomorrow?, what is the state of our future?, So what about tomorrow? Is there a tomorrow?

People approach their tomorrows differently I suppose. They can plan them, they can let them flow, they can think about tomorrow…or not. I don’t treat all my tomorrows the same. I guess it just depends. Tomorrows can be bleak, happy, sad, blah, hopeless.

I decided to put different tomorrow possibilities in little red envelopes and then put them in a wooden box. That way I can select an envelope as a divination tool – to give me a clue, as to what my next tomorrow will bring. The whole tomorrow kit (which covers 28 days) was mailed to another artist as a jumping off place for her “tomorrow piece”. Can’t wait to see what she does with her tomorrows.





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