Yemaja offerings on New Year’s Eve day

Susana invited me to a Yemaja ritual today and it was lovely. Yemaja is the sea goddess and she hears your wishes. A group of us came in white and blues and purples, with white flowers and 10 shiny dimes each for offerings. We gathered on Surfer’s Beach in El Granada at 3pm, the low tide. It was a beautiful and expansive way to end the year, to bask in the incredible energy of the Sea itself, to cleanse our auras, our spirits, and to feel the impact of the Sea stretching out to the horizon.


3 thoughts on “Yemaja offerings on New Year’s Eve day

  1. Judy,

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. The sea was absolutely amazing yesterday. The foam sliding along the sand, the silvery texture of the sun on the horizon and the myriad shades of silver and grey of Yemaya, Mother Ocean. Incredible, inspiring, magnificent! What a potent setting for our New Year’s ritual. May all good things come to you in 2010!

  2. judy – this looks so beautiful! Call me next year, I would love to join…

    Spending time on your blog today as I haven’t in a while… thanks for keeping it up. I love seeing the world thru your eyes

    Peace to you and all of us.

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