Celebrating Candlemas

We had a very special gathering recently at Kitsune Art Studio. Candlemas is about honoring the domestic flame, the hearth and the lamp and the candle, the fire under the cooking pot. This day was a celebration of Brigid, a sun goddess whose flame of purification serves her as a fire goddess of hearth and home and those sacred duties – housekeeping, food preparation, and holding fast the center of the clan. In addition, she is a goddess of fertility, patroness of smiths, doctors and poets, and presides over family, childbirth, livestock, creativity and inspiration.

February 2nd also marked the midway point between the Solstice and the Equinox. It’s the time to poke your nose out of the cave and see if it’s time to wake up for spring, or go back to dreaming for six more weeks (Groundhog Day). We acknowledged the journey of Persephone as she joins Demeter to re-enter the world of the living.

Martha Brumbaugh drummed us through a Shamanic journey back from the bones (the underworld). Then we did a candle walk outside to bring the light in our world and blessed our household candles for the new year. Susana van Bezooijen taught us how to whisper our dreams for 2010 into our seeds so we could take them home to nurture them into healthy reality. Lastly I gathered herbs from my garden and provided lovely flowers from Aleana Jean’s in town, to make honoring bundles for brooms and pots and pans.

It was a beautiful way to welcome in the new year with intention in community. I felt honored to have had it at my art studio.


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