Time Matters | Perfect Lines: Observation!, Enso Gallery 2/13

Knowing David and Hijin Hodge – this is sure to be a beautiful exhibit at Enso Art Gallery next week.

Time Matters | Perfect Lines: Observation!

David and Hijin Hodge

DATE: Saturday 2/13, 4-6pm

VENUE: Enso Gallery, 131 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay

Time Matters | Perfect Lines: Observation, is a new photographic and video exhibition. Composed of two beautiful works set in digital photo frames and color photographs, using disciplined but unique approaches.

Time Matters is a series of six video explorations that observe scenes and objects through images taken at specific intervals or times of the day. The work examines six themes: Water, Sky, Forest, Place, Body, and Spin, opening up a fresh perspective on the subjects that is always missed when we observe it one second at a time. Perfect Lines examines the startling effect produced when edges meet. It presents a series of ten photographs using a compositional discipline that ensures that each element occupies half of the visual content of the image.

The entire exhibition is available for purchase. Each digital frame contains all six Time Matters videos and the entire Perfect Lines photo collection is available either in print or in photo frames, making it easy to take your favorite images and videos home. Each work is limited editions of ten.


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