Sparkly snakes

The kids were delighted with the making and the final results of these snakes. It began with twisting and scrunching newspaper into long bodies and covering “the guts” with masking tape “snake-skin”. I then helped the kids tape the forked tongues onto their snake heads.

The next class they painted their snakes with tempera paints and embellished them with glitter. In a third class they cut up pieces and strips of colored paper and glued these onto their snakes. I demonstrated the idea of adding the strips as stripes and wrapping the paper around the snakes. Some kids were able to do this and others chose to glue in smaller pieces. The embellishing can become more sophisticated depending on the age of the children.

The kids love their final snake creations and the classroom teacher appreciated their 3 dimensional quality.


2 thoughts on “Sparkly snakes

  1. Children are offered so many mass produced things, hat it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t know that somewhere, somehow, someone has a hand in creating the things they play with. How abstract even “it comes from the factory” must be to a youngster.
    To be able to give shape to something, to see it develop from newsprint into a toy or ornament opens their minds. I believe experiences such as your workshop gives children a notion of possibilities, even if they don’t have a clue that someday that’s going to matter.

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