Collecting Stories of Generosity

Request for Stories of Different Kinds of Gifts

Definition of Gift: 1) Something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation. 2) The act, right, or power of giving.

I am working on an art piece in that explores generosity. My idea is to provide a way of remembering the small and large ways humans interact in a caring manner.

I am collecting stories:
Generosity that people have given or received.

  • Must have had no strings attached to it and be unexpected.
  • It can be a physical item or an action.
  • Demonstrates willingness to give or share; unselfishness

Please provide 200 words max about the gift by December 13, 2010. The writing can be one sentence or a page.

  • what makes it a gift?
  • the circumstances around it
  • relationship of the receiver and the giver
  • reaction to the gift
  • can be anonymous

The gift stories will be used in an installation I am creating and may be featured on my blog. Let me know if you would like the people in the stories to be anonymous.

I may send out a request for more stories later, so let me know if you would like to be contacted at a later time.

Please add your stories to comments on this blog post, or you can request my email or slow mail address.


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