A romantic Christmas story

Not only is it Christmas, but also my parents 54th wedding anniversary. Every year red roses from my father filled the house with sweetness. 

My mom said she rode the NYC subway in her white short dress on a cold Christmas morning to wed my father in a church. A couple of friends were present as witnesses. She had only known him for 3 weeks.

They left for Iowa the next day. It the only place my father could get a job in television and he wasn’t leaving without her. 

What brave romantic souls! 

We remember you mom. 


One thought on “A romantic Christmas story

  1. Sweet, Judy! Thank you for sharing, and for bringing your mother alive in this vignette. I sat on the subway with her, admiring her crisp, virginal dress, curious where she was going dressed in white on Christmas day. Did she sneak a last peek at the list she made of reasons why yes/no to marry or not that strapping young dude who wooed her so well, knocking her off her feet, who was going to take her to an unknown place? I bet she felt butterflies.

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