The smallest shelter

I recently created a piece for the Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art exhibition. The theme of the show is “A Sense of Place”.

I wanted to work with the idea of safety, security, and shelter. What is the smallest way of achieving that? I came up with the symbol of the umbrella.

The space under an umbrella is not very large, yet it offers us a refuge from the weather – a reprieve from raindrops or burning heat. It is interesting that this little dome of fabric or plastic can make all the difference.

My altered umbrella, called “The Sky is Falling” doesn’t provide any such shelter. I cut out some of the cheerful flowers which embellish the brightly colored umbrella, puncturing the safety zone.

The current world disasters affect everyone and everything to varying degrees. Threats are often unpredictable, be they invisible radiation fallout, possibilities of bombs, or the earthquake that is supposed to happen any day now. Can we ever be safe? If thoughts about possible dangers consume us daily, that stress also creates an unhealthy environment. Perhaps we must go about our lives the best we can in uncontrollable times, come what may, and deal with those areas we are able to control. Our strongest and safest shelter must be within us and in our caring communities and families.

A Sense Of Place

A Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art Exhibition

Reception: Saturday, May 7 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Arc Gallery 1246 Folsom St San Francisco


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