Ask a question, get an answer

I stumbled upon via twitter and found it fascinating.

I first experienced questions people asked Deepak Chopra and his video responses. By scrolling on the right I was able to see some of the questions and decide which video I wanted to watch. Check out his response to the question, “How do you access intuition?” by clicking here.

As I played around on the site I found I could even ask other people questions. Many of the people were not too entertaining or terribly articulate.

What I did like were the montages of different people’s answers to a question. For example, listen and see how a group of folks answered “Has America Won the War on Terror?” I realize that the montage may have been organized to give a specific view point, but I still found it interesting. Check out the montage here:

I imagine this could evolve into an interesting educational or corporate vehicle to get information out in an entertaining way.


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