Art in the moment

There is something about temporary art installations that touch my heart.  Maybe because they are constantly changing. Maybe because they are only here for moments. I love these beautiful vanishing carpets that must have taken hours to create. You can see how they did it here and see some more images.

They brought to mind the chalk labyrinth I drew out back at SOMArts Cultural Center this year for the AAWAA (Asian American Women’s Artist Association) Place of her Own exhibition. I didn’t necessarily want it to be temporary. It had to be that way due to circumstances of the gallery. I kept coming back to touch up the drawing. One day, a woman who walked the labyrinth said she loved the ephemeral nature of it, that it was constantly fading.

Her comment changed my whole relationship to my piece. After a rainy night I decided to live with the fact that my piece was not going to be there in the morning. It was a beautiful meditative journey for myself and those who walked it….only for the moment.


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