Other acts of Tico humanity

Where else in the world would public art feature an elder overweight woman? Only in San Jose, Costa Rica have I seen this! The bronze statue, “La Chola” by artist Manuel Vargas, is thought to bring good luck if you rub her backside!

I also saw other things I haven’t before. As I was walking down the street I witnessed a young woman who had just
left MacDonald’s stop in front of a dirty homeless man lying on the sidewalk. She reached in a bag and handed him a hot hamburger and a cold bottle of coke. I wondered if she bought the food especially for him or was giving up her own lunch.

As I walked further down the same street I saw a young man helping an elderly woman across the street. He wasn’t even going the same direction.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I was on a street populated by guardian angels or if people are just more naturally kind here.


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