Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry film released soon

I can’t wait to see this film of a very brave artist!


Satyagraha: truth force

Philip Glass and Lou Reed occupied Lincoln Center last week, after a performance of Glass’ opera, “Satyagraha,” at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

World Improv Freeze San Francisco, 4/1, 9am

UPDATE: 4/2, here is the entry with the video from this improv event! click here: 

 Remember the freeze youtube video in Grand Central Station? If you haven’t seen it, I posted it earlier at

Now you can be part of the fun on April Fool’s Day!

Pause for thought. Pause for human kind. Pause for our planet.
Be in the main hall inside the Ferry Building Marketplace on April 1 at9AM and freeze your position. Have your mobile phone alarm set for9:05AM so that you know when to start moving again.Hmmm do we need to do this in HMB – M Coffee? Safeway? Lisa – here is your chance!So far there will be simultaneous April 1 events in:
  • London Paddington, 5 pm.
  • Malmö Gustav Adolfs Torg, 6 pm.
  • NYC, Grand Central Station, noon.
  • San Francisco, Ferry Building, 9 am.
  • Copenhagen, Strøget by Illum, 6 pm.
  • Florence, Piazza Duomo, 6 pm.
  • Milan, Galleria Vitt. Emanuelle II, 6 pm.
  • Portland Oregon, to be announced.
  • English farmer freeze, to be announced.

Teacher is fired for nonviolence

Kudos to a brave individual who stood up for her belief. Unfortunately Marianne Kearney-Brown, a Quaker and graduate student, lost her job because she chooses to be non-violent. Read this story from SF Chronicle:

California State University East Bay has fired a math teacher after six weeks on the job because she inserted the word “nonviolently” in her state-required Oath of Allegiance form.

Marianne Kearney-Brown, a Quaker and graduate student who began teaching remedial math to undergrads Jan. 7, lost her $700-a-month part-time job after refusing to sign an 87-word Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution that the state requires of elected officials and public employees.

“I don’t think it was fair at all,” said Kearney-Brown. “All they care about is my name on an unaltered loyalty oath. They don’t care if I meant it, and it didn’t seem connected to the spirit of the oath. Nothing else mattered. My teaching didn’t matter. Nothing.”

A veteran public school math teacher who specializes in helping struggling students, Kearney-Brown, 50, had signed the oath before – but had modified it each time.

She signed the oath 15 years ago, when she taught eighth-grade math in Sonoma. And she signed it again when she began a 12-year stint in Vallejo high schools.

Each time, when asked to “swear (or affirm)” that she would “support and defend” the U.S. and state Constitutions “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Kearney-Brown inserted revisions: She wrote “nonviolently” in front of the word “support,” crossed out “swear,” and circled “affirm.” All were to conform with her Quaker beliefs, she said.

The school districts always accepted her modifications, Kearney-Brown said. But Cal State East Bay wouldn’t, and she was fired on Thursday.

Modifying the oath “is very clearly not permissible,” the university’s attorney, Eunice Chan, said, citing various laws. “It’s an unfortunate situation. If she’d just signed the oath, the campus would have been more than willing to continue her employment.”

Modifying oaths is open to different legal interpretations. Without commenting on the specific situation, a spokesman for state Attorney General Jerry Brown said that “as a general matter, oaths may be modified to conform with individual values.” For example, court oaths may be modified so that atheists don’t have to refer to a deity, said spokesman Gareth Lacy.

Kearney-Brown said she could not sign an oath that, to her, suggested she was agreeing to take up arms in defense of the country.

Click here to read the rest.

swoon on the river

These two videos are of a lecture at MOMA by Swoon, a community artist, who creates street art and installations where people can experience them without going to a museum. I posted them with part 2 first because I liked it more and part 1 is more background on her work.

I have a desire to make something that is sort of like a seed that spreads, that blows in the wind and ends up in different places.” – Swoon

On one of the big projects she worked with a collective to create the “Miss Rockaway Armada”. This was a floating ship made out of recycled materials and Volkswagen engines that ran on biodiesel. Swoon and a crew of 30 traveled to different cities on the Mississippi River and performed along the way.

I found her art and mission to be very refreshing. It reflects the spirit of  where the young artists are venturing to today.