Organizing for creativity is a different kind of order

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I hired an organizer. Sometimes I think it is just best to get some one to help me do a job I haven’t been able to tackle.

The professional I brought is a local coastside gal named Jeri Dansky. I met her through twitter believe it or not! Jeri is a pleasure to work with. She never made me feel like a bad girl who hadn’t cleaned her room.

On her first visit she walked around my art studio with a thoughtful look on her face, not saying a word. I followed behind her jabbering about why this area was a mess and why that was on the floor, etc. She stopped and turned to me and asked, “Do you like to have your stuff out?” I kinda thought it was obvious by the different piles I had. But what really surprised me next was when she said, “because we can organize things to be out so they can give you inspiration.” This was a totally new concept for me! Then I remembered going on tour through a Reggio Emilio preschool room. They believed in having materials out for kids to interact with throughout the day. They felt having access to art stuff allowed kids to incorporate art into their everyday life. I was in love with this idea!

What we did to organize things to be ‘out’ was to put like things together in open plastic boxes. My categories so far are: natural materials, ribbons and strings, different papers, found stuff, collage materials, seashells, metal things. We threw away a lot of stuff that was just junk and made a pile to shred. We went through 5 big shelves.

In a big heavy cardboard box on a top shelf I found my POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) Indians, all eight of them. After looking at the awards and talking about what I could do with the mini statues, I decided to put them on display on my bookshelf. Why you may ask. Well because they represented the best part of my hi tech merchandising career, the recognition by the industry of great store design, innovative merchandising, and hard work. The awards also remind me of how these skills can be helpful in my new interest in pursuing public art opportunities. Now looking at them I wondered why I had hidden them away.

Well I have much more to do, but I’m actually looking forward to organizing now!

Here’s Jeri Dansky’s info, and she loves working with artists.


What have you done for your body lately?


If you are like me, I have been neglecting my body most of the winter, and actually more like abusing it. Maybe it is the season that causes me to want to eat all those homey foods and scarf up all the desserts at parties and have those warming Jameson sips.

I decided it was time to give back to this vessel that has been carrying around my soul through this wet and cold time. So I took a week off from: alcohol, dairy, gluten, sugar, processed foods, and caffeine.

I used Ann Louise Gittleman’s book “The Fast Track Detox Diet” which made it easy to organize meals. I was able to eat veggies, fruits, organic meats, eggs, and nuts. It was important to keep a well stocked frig of organic ingredients so as not to add back in pesticides, antibiotics, etc.

It was also helpful to have a partner for support during the seven day diet and Ander was more than willing to jump on the bandwagon. After the strengthening of our livers by eating nurturing foods, we were ready for the 1 day fast. This consisted of drinking alternately, water and a cranberry drink mix every hour on the hour. We kept our day open to deal with the all day event, but ended up going to “Watchmen” for part of it.

Now we are in the home stretch – three more days of the diet with the addition of yogurt with probiotics.

The whole diet and fast was not too hard actually. I did have one full day of headaches which I believe was due to caffeine withdrawal.

I think there is something to be said for setting a goal and challenge and successfully completing it. It does wonders for the self esteem. It feels nice to take off that big, heavy coat of Winter and be able to bound into Spring a little lighter and clearer.

Healing arts at the Asian Art Museum, SF


Healing Arts
Thursday, June 5
5 to 9 pm
FREE with Museum Admission ($5 after 5 pm)

The Asian Art Museum kicks off its third season with multi-sensorial offerings of healing
arts from all over Asia: acupuncture, cupping, Japanese shiatsu, Thai foot massage,
and more. Sample tea, check out medicinal herbs from China, Japan, India and Tibet,
have your pulse diagnosed, tour the galleries, or unwind with cocktails and live music.
Organized and presented in partnership with the Acupuncture and Integrative
Medicine College, Berkeley.

Event Schedule

5-9 pm: Herb display tables

5-9 pm: Chinese tea tasting

6-8:30 pm: Healing Arts Demonstrations

6-8:30 pm: Live music by Melody of China

6-8:30 pm: Tongue/pulse diagnosis drop-in tables

6:15-7:30 pm: Qigong class demo + drop-in participation

7:00 pm: Talk on Medicinal Properties of Green Tea (approx. 20 min)

Ongoing: Free raffle drawing

19 billion catalogs = emissions from 2 million cars annually

I don’t know about you but I am getting catalog overload this season. Sometimes I flip through some of them and then dump em, or others I just dump right away. Rarely do I ever order anything. After seeing the impact of 19 billion catalogs mailed to Americans each year – I’ve decided stop adding to this problem by going to Catalog Choice. It is a free service that allows you to decide what gets in your mailbox. Use it to reduce your mailbox clutter, while helping save natural resources.

Each year, 19 billion catalogs are mailed to American consumers.

What’s the impact?

  • Number of trees used – 53 million trees
  • Pounds of paper used – 3.6 million tons of paper
  • Energy used to produce this volume of paper – 38 trillion BTUs, enough to power 1.2 million homes per year
  • Contribution to global warming – 5.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equal to the annual emissions of two million cars
  • Waste water discharges from this volume of paper – 53 billion gallons of water, enough to fill 81,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools