An exquisite shop in an enchanting town

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We were hot, sweaty, and a bit jagged, after having just arrived on the “jeep-boat-jeep”  from Monte Verde, Costa Rica. One of the first things we were told when we got to Essence Arenal Organic Farm and Hotel, was to go around the corner to La Gavilana art gallery and shop. Hotel concierge Vanessa, (the once ice skating girl from Chicago, now expat) said, “it’s owned by an American girl and it’s very nice.”

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Another cool Seattle summer activity

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So much to do in Seattle. I’m putting this on my list for next time.

Seattle’s World Famous Trailer Park Market
SUMMER HOURS: Saturday 11am-6PM
Thursday 11-2: Where Ya at Matt Creole Soul Food
947 Doris Street, Seattle Wash 98108

Check out more here:

Something so nice

There is something so nice about a red bowl, and a red bowl made by a friend. Holly Himes made this lovely vessel. She has the pottery studio near my Kitsune Community Art Studio.

I enjoyed eating my homemade lunch in my new bowl – quinoa with spinach, caramelized onions, yellow squash, and a few pomegranate seeds for accent. It held the meal like a special sacred feast!

Korean tacos?

We went down to the San Francisco Ferry Building to check the gourmet food carts I keep hearing about on Twitter. I was on a mission to try out the Korean tacos.

They were terrifically yummy with Korean BBQ beef, rice, sesame seeds, green onions, sauce, and nori. They reminded me of spicy sushi hand rolls.

Ander went for the Roli Roti Chicken Truck and had the Roli Special ($6): Chicken, juicy and tender, and potatoes topped with rosemary salt. He liked it!

There were plenty of other choices to try next time. The trucks or carts move around the city. You can find out more about them at Yelp.

What have you done for your body lately?


If you are like me, I have been neglecting my body most of the winter, and actually more like abusing it. Maybe it is the season that causes me to want to eat all those homey foods and scarf up all the desserts at parties and have those warming Jameson sips.

I decided it was time to give back to this vessel that has been carrying around my soul through this wet and cold time. So I took a week off from: alcohol, dairy, gluten, sugar, processed foods, and caffeine.

I used Ann Louise Gittleman’s book “The Fast Track Detox Diet” which made it easy to organize meals. I was able to eat veggies, fruits, organic meats, eggs, and nuts. It was important to keep a well stocked frig of organic ingredients so as not to add back in pesticides, antibiotics, etc.

It was also helpful to have a partner for support during the seven day diet and Ander was more than willing to jump on the bandwagon. After the strengthening of our livers by eating nurturing foods, we were ready for the 1 day fast. This consisted of drinking alternately, water and a cranberry drink mix every hour on the hour. We kept our day open to deal with the all day event, but ended up going to “Watchmen” for part of it.

Now we are in the home stretch – three more days of the diet with the addition of yogurt with probiotics.

The whole diet and fast was not too hard actually. I did have one full day of headaches which I believe was due to caffeine withdrawal.

I think there is something to be said for setting a goal and challenge and successfully completing it. It does wonders for the self esteem. It feels nice to take off that big, heavy coat of Winter and be able to bound into Spring a little lighter and clearer.

Opening day at the Half Moon Bay Market, 5/3!


Hey it’s happening –  the Farmer’s Market! It is so nice to run into our neighbors and friends every Saturday. I have been missing that!  Can’t wait to see and smell all the glorious fruits and veggies displayed lovingly by their growers.

A big hug and kiss to Erin Tormey for making it all happen again for this year.

See you there!

In Half Moon Bay @ Shoreline Station
Saturdays, 9 am to 1 pm
Opening day: May 3, 2008

In Pacifica @ Rockaway Beach
Wednesdays, 2:30 -6:30pm
Opening Day: May 7, 2008