Jungle night life

Who knows what goes on in the dark? Well we have a better idea after going on a night hike in Monte Verde, Costa Rica.


A group of 14 of us, (including an infant), tramped up and down hills with flashlights for 3 hours. Costa Rican guide Alex was a terrific spotter, and a funny guy. Surprisingly we came upon a fair amount of critters. I know we would have never seen the viper in strike position on the tree branch on our own. We wouldn’t have known Mrs. Tarantula was in that hole in the dirt. And I finally got to see a sloth in the wild! The two toed variety was hanging upside down munching down on leaves.

My partner almost got lost when he was videoing leaf cutter ants on his hands and knees. He accidentally joined another tour group in the dark. After I yelled his name to no avail, our guide had to go retrieve him. After that episode our leader started counting our group every few minutes.

In addition to the sloth, the other exciting furry mammals we got to spy on were olingo, kinkajou, and coati – kinda raccoon-monkey-catlike beings that were all crawling around high up in the trees. Then there were the lizards, frogs, and lightning bugs.

It was all a great time running around in the dark like in a “Blair Witch” movie episode,
but more educational and fun!





I seem to be on a bomb theme lately, but at least this time it is on a lighter note! I found out about eyebombing from fellow tweeter @brainpicker.

Coin Slut

Their motto is “Humanizing the world, one googly eye at a time.” Check out precious examples of this form of guerilla street art, http://eyebombing.com/

The cruelty of children

If you’re a parent or a teacher, you may have come across kids being mean to each other once in a while. “This American Life” radio program features The Cruelty of Children. It features a reading by David Sedaris on his childhood summer camp trip to Greece and more. A third act segment on You Can’t Say You Can’t Play by Vivian Gussin Paley. Worth listening to, click here.  Via http://teachingartists.blogspot.com/

Critter blob animation, fun right?

Young animator/director — Kristofer Ström of Ljudbilden & Piloten, based in Sweden created this fun but sinister animation. This short work is a music video he created for the Swedish electronica band Minilogue. The track is “Animals,” and the video features colorful critter-blobs wreaking hyperfun havoc all over an urban real-life-scape.