The art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz

New Santa Fean friend Sue Rundstrom invited me to the Art and Remembrance presentation at the Museum of International Folk Art. Bernice Steinhardt movingly presented her mother, Esther Nisenthal Krinitz’s story of escaping the Nazis at the age of 15. Esther at 65, began creating fabric collage and embroidered art pieces, telling her history. Through film and photographs, we were able to connect and understand her resilience and courage.

Steinhardt facilitates a collaborative story cloth workshop. Below are some works by adults in an English education program.


12 mandalas for the year 2013

My friend Elsah Cort emailed me about a mandala process. On the first day of January you create one mandala and name it, on the 2nd day you make another mandala, and you keep going making mandalas until the twelfth day. These mandalas then represent the 12 months of the year in the order you created them. Continue reading “12 mandalas for the year 2013”

Light and honor the dark season with artmaking

 Light and honor the dark season with artmaking

The healing power of art and how it informs us

Ancestor Guide

It seems so simple: write an intention, make art, and journal. It may appear to be an easy practice – so easy that you wonder, “Why do it? What could I possibly get out of it?” Well a lot! Continue reading “The healing power of art and how it informs us”

New and updated classes at Kitsune Community Art Studio

Intergenerational accordion art book making

The Senior Coastsiders hosted my 2nd book making class offered in Half Moon Bay. Open to all ages with first class spots reserved for elders, we ended up with a mix of ages. Two women brought their daughters.

I first taught how to make the hard covers and how to integrate that with the accordion folded pages. Then the participants took off running, using collaging materials, pens, pencils, sequins, magazines to embellish their interior pages.

Everyone created something special. One woman created a memory book for a sick friend.

I especially enjoyed watching the mother/daughter interaction. What a wonderful way for them to spend a couple of hours together.

I look forward to offering more book making classes soon.

Magic footprints and buggy Springtime

Had a bunch of fun with the Coastside Childrens’ Programs K-2nd grade artists today.

We made magic footprints by tracing shoes and then designed and colored the prints with markers. The kids made everything from monster feet to sweetheart feet to rainbow and starry feet!

We also finished up installing a collaborative Spring mural with many flying butterflies and worms and ants wiggling in the dirt. The mural was first painted with tempera and then the kids went back in with pencil and felt pen to add definition. They designed their choice of 3D bugs by drawing them and then cutting, stuffing, and stapling.

Kids design their own t-shirts

The 4th and 5th grade kids had a blast designing their own t-shirts. They worked with “the earth” theme first sketching out their designs on paper and then using white chalk to transfer them to black t-shirts. I got the recycled t-shirts from RAFT and turned them inside out so the corporate logos were on the inside.

Next they used acrylic paints for their designs on the front. Next week they will do the back designs. The last class they will use scissors and sewing to customize their designs some more.

I’ll post the next steps too.