Sounds like art for Lisa and Mauro

Two artists of our Enso community, Lisa Petrides and Mauro FF, will have their music related sculpture featured in an art show in Berkeley. Lisa incorporates an actual viola into her multi-media work which includes acrylic paint, metal, and images.

Mauro’s piece makes use of the innards of a piano to create a graceful and tactile sculpture.

“Sounds Like Art” | Opening Reception
Monday May 19 | 6 – 9pm

Downtown Bar & Restaurant
2102 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94704

On Monday May 19 from 6-9pm, Downtown will host an opening reception “Sounds Like Art: a visual exhibition of music and sound”. The show features 12 artists working in a wide range of mediums, and will hang until the end of August. Mark your calendars, come and meet the artists, and join us as we celebrate all the arts – culinary, auditory, and visual. Performing live for the reception: Diana Rowan on harp, backed by Daniel Berkman’s (AKA Colfax) looped electronic audio-scapes.

Shooting stars and cocoa

Saturday night we went to a magical party in Santa Fe. We heard that it was a star gazing party. After driving around in the dark and making a few u-turns, we found the marker on the road, a blue star on a white sandwich board, and then we found another blue star which marked the dirt road and the driveway up to the house.

As we walked into the house of Dave, we were immediately offered some hot chocolate. We had 2 choices, a milder one and an intense version. I took the intense elixir and it was incredible. Turns out that our host is a chocolate scientist and in a room with a large glass window, he had all these beakers and scales and canisters of different kinds of cocoa from around the world. Being a chocoholic, it was heaven.


As we meandered into the kitchen, I saw Ander’s eye’s light up as he said, “a piano!” And this was not just any piano. Dave had integrated the grand piano into his kitchen. The top of the piano had a sink in it and a cutting board and it was covered with food – (Mauro and Esther would have been shocked considering their no drinks on the piano rule). Hanging above the piano were pots and pans. Talk about true integration of art and life!

As Ander jumped on the piano and began serenading us with his jazz tunes, I got into a conversation about kitchen building with a very informative woman named Vera from the Czech Republic. She had just taken on this task herself and recommended Lowe’s because they cater to women as opposed to Home Depot where you can hardly get anyone to help out. Anyway, Vera was very cool, but I’ll have to write more about her in another blog entry.

Vera led me out to the back of the house and down a dark path and many stairs to the observatory. It was pitch dark out and we entered a very small white dome by bending down and going through a little hatch door. There in the still very dark room were about five people looking through a very large telescope. As my turn came up, I saw the Pleiades looking large and clear and bright. Stepping out of the dome, I finally got to meet Dave, the host, and we watched shooting stairs in the lovely night, in the crisp air of Santa Fe. I felt so fortunate to be alive and in the right place at the right time.