Happy Equinox

Serene and green! Just what I needed
after a stressful night in San Jose, CR.
The traffic and frenetic nature of
that city is a bit much for me.
We’ve just arrived in Monte Verde
but I already feel my self releasing
the armor and opening to the beauty.

Finca La Isla Botanical Gardens


A highlight of our trip to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica was visiting a working tropical farm in the jungle. Here a father and son raise pepper, cacao, tropical fruits, and ornamental plants. We had a lesson and tasting of local fruits and learned how chocolate is made.

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Incredible live bridges of India

It is estimated that planning for these bridges took 10-15 years in many cases, and because they grown out of living tree roots, they are considered the most sustainable foot bridges in the world.

These structures are extremely robust, reach up to 100 feet in length and date back more than five centuries.

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