Chinatown is Ticotown

I was curious when I came upon this large Chinese gate in San Jose, Costa Rica. Googling I found that China financed most of this area in the Costa Rican capital. Continue reading “Chinatown is Ticotown”


Other side of San Jose

We are back in the city as a way station on our way to our next destination. I’ve written some earlier posts on acts of kindness I’ve witnessed in San Jose, Costa Rica. Here are some observations that are not as kind and are worrisome. Continue reading “Other side of San Jose”

Other acts of Tico humanity

Where else in the world would public art feature an elder overweight woman? Only in San Jose, Costa Rica have I seen this! The bronze statue, “La Chola” by artist Manuel Vargas, is thought to bring good luck if you rub her backside!

I also saw other things I haven’t before. As I was walking down the street I witnessed a young woman who had just Continue reading “Other acts of Tico humanity”

Random acts of Tico kindness


When I’m in another country I spend time just people watching and learning about a culture by seeing what they do. Continue reading “Random acts of Tico kindness”


I seem to be on a bomb theme lately, but at least this time it is on a lighter note! I found out about eyebombing from fellow tweeter @brainpicker.

Coin Slut

Their motto is “Humanizing the world, one googly eye at a time.” Check out precious examples of this form of guerilla street art,

Artist colony arises out of the economic downturn

A small colony of artists is cropping up in Detroit, taking advantage of the bottomed-out property prices, buying houses for as little as $2000 – 100.

So what did $1,900 buy? The run-down bungalow had already been stripped of its appliances and wiring by the city’s voracious scrappers. But for Mitch that only added to its appeal, because he now had the opportunity to renovate it with solar heating, solar electricity and low-cost, high-efficiency appliances.Buying that first house had a snowball effect. Almost immediately, Mitch and Gina bought two adjacent lots for even less and, with the help of friends and local youngsters, dug in a garden. Then they bought the house next door for $500, reselling it to a pair of local artists for a $50 profit. When they heard about the $100 place down the street, they called their friends Jon and Sarah.

Admittedly, the $100 home needed some work, a hole patched, some windows replaced. But Mitch plans to connect their home to his mini-green grid and a neighborhood is slowly coming together.

Now, three homes and a garden may not sound like much, but others have been quick to see the potential. A group of architects and city planners in Amsterdam started a project called the “Detroit Unreal Estate Agency” and, with Mitch’s help, found a property around the corner. The director of a Dutch museum, Van Abbemuseum, has called it “a new way of shaping the urban environment.” He’s particularly intrigued by the luxury of artists having little to no housing costs. Like the unemployed Chinese factory workers flowing en masse back to their villages, artists in today’s economy need somewhere to flee.

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Sound of Music Still Reaches Us

One of the reasons I tweet is because I find cool things like this flash mob. I think you will enjoy it! I also found it interesting to read Huffington Post’s take on why we are so attracted to  this video Click here to read it.

A functional geek t-shirt

Ok, I’m getting hooked on ThinkGeek now. Another cool find! You no longer have to take out your laptop and set it up to find out there’s a weak signal at a lame coffee shop. Now just put on this shirt and it will measures wifi strength for you!

The washing instructions look like a bit of a hassle but check it out anyway here at thinkgeek.