“My mission in what I do, is to hold space for a miracle…”

“My mission in what I do, is to hold space for a miracle – stabilized –
so other people can witness and experience it on their own.”
– Lory Pollina


Lory is an incredible artist who creates magic by scribbling and erasing. Of course it is much more than that, he is revealing images in a sort of creative meditation. Lory is an old friend of Ander, my partner, from back in their Buffalo days. We got to visit with him on our trip to Santa Fe, where he is currently living. I wanted to share his work with you and below is from an article on his webpage.

“The graphite sticks Lory Pollina uses to draw with are, in his own words,” almost inconceivably black’-so much so that rather than signing his name onto a completed piece, he often must incise it into the work. For some, this kind of blackness might seem to represent something sinister, but Pollina’s artwork reveals instead a depth that is far more freeing than frightening. Black is, for him, a source of endless possibility and one that represents the intensity of his passion for another art form: classical music.”

Read more about Lory at: http://lorypollina.com/Man%20in%20Black.pdf