Guerilla Art, Maybe We Need It


“In 2005 I had been practicing guerilla art techniques on a small scale, while living in a small town. The impetus was threefold. I needed to have a creative outlet that had nothing to do with making a living or attachment to the outcome. I wanted to do something to shake the town up a little bit and give it some much needed life. And lastly, I wanted to take some ownership of the public space that I inhabit”. – Keri Smith

Above is a quote from an interview with Keri Smith, author of “The Guerilla Art Kit” book. I really enjoy her blog too, The Wish Jar. Read the rest of the interview by clicking here to go to Art and Healing Network, where she discusses the aesthetics of this kind of art, guerilla art mail, and much more.

Thinking maybe HMB needs a guerila art crew, hmmm? Are you with me?


Example of a form of guerilla art, from her book.