Random acts of Tico kindness


When I’m in another country I spend time just people watching and learning about a culture by seeing what they do. Continue reading “Random acts of Tico kindness”

Sad side of Santa Fe

Driving into Santa Fe we were listening to a radio show about the homeless in this town. I did not verify these figures, but it was stated that there are 500 homeless children here and very few programs for homeless families, kids and women. Many of these hidden beings are sleeping in cars and couch surfing. This is especially alarming with winter arriving soon. Last year 25 people froze to death!

I met a woman at the Santa Fe Baking Company and she said last year she saw families living under the bridges near Canyon Road. She is very concerned about the homeless kids and has been trying to get some attention for this with the mayor and the city, but no one was really reacting. The radio show mentioned that the city has only contributed like 1/10 of the money needed to run the couple of existing shelters which are more set up for men.

What is ironic about this is Ander played a benefit on Saturday for the Animal Humane Society. Many of people attended at $60 each and also more money made on a silent auction. I have no criticism about this, but sounds as if homeless human beings need help too.