Honoring Amaterasu, the sun goddess

During the Winter Solstice some of us got together to create. I introduced Amaterasu, the Japanese Shinto sun goddess, because her story was ideal for the season.

Amaterasu decided to go into hiding in a cave when her brother began wreaking havoc in her kingdom and she couldn’t do anything to stop him. During her retreat, her land went into darkness, since with her went the light and the warmth. Her subjects began to starve with no sunlight to growth their crops. They devised a plan to coax her out of the cave. They drummed and sang and called for her to come out and see the new goddess. Out of curiosity, Amaterasu, emerged to see herself in a mirror. The first ray of light that came from the cave became known as the dawn. After Amaterasu sat back on her throne, she always kept a bow and arrow in case her brother got out of line again.

To honor Amaterasu and our selves that were in rest in our own winter caves,  six of us decorated mirrors. On our mirrors we wrote one word we wanted to bring light to in 2009. My word was based on a card I drew before I began the process, “ripeness”.




Floating in timelessness

I helped my friend and fellow JFKU artist, Tomoko Murakami, install some of her show today. Boy, everyone is in for a real visual and energetic experience!

MAYURA – Floating in Timelessness

The creative act is, by its nature, a process of movement; inner psychic movement which becomes transformative both for the artist and for the work of art. Murakami’s exhibition “MAYURA – Floating in Timelessness,” is the documentation and presentation of her psyche’s journey through the dynamics of the creative process. The exhibition interweaves the installation of illuminated silk screens, video images and body movement. In the installation, the images in their changing forms trace her inner psychic movement, revealing a symbolic process of “becoming.” Viewers are invited to witness in this dance of the artist’s soul, the movement of not only the physical body but also the psyche.

Underlying this exhibition is Murakami’s belief that everything in the universe, from a particle of sand to a living being, is constantly moving between dualities, while following natural laws. Life is an ongoing process of learning to balance these dualities, such as, life/death, psyche/body, Yin/Yang. For Murakami, the truth of life is not a question of certainty (static) but ambiguity (moving/changing). When we accept this truth and live in the present moment, we open ourselves to eternity and the bliss of being truly alive. Murakami’s multi dimensional installation, Mayura – Floating in Timelessness, embodies this truth by generating a mysterious environment in which the complementary yet elemental dualities of light/dark, movement/stillness, waking/dreaming can meet in harmony as they offer a self-portrait of the artist’s psychic life through the altered reality of her imagination.

Dates: September 5 – 27, 2008
Reception: Saturday, September 6, 6 pm – 9 pm
Exhibition Hours: Monday – Friday, 11 am – 5 pm
Saturdays, 12 pm- 5 pm

Arts & Consciousness Gallery
John F. Kennedy University Berkeley Campus

Berkeley Business Center, 2nd Floor
Located on the corner of Ashby and San Pablo Ave
2956 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley CA 94702