minimal art by preschoolers

I love the shape placement and simplicity of these collages done by 3 and 4 year old artists in my preschool class. It doesn’t take a lot of expensive materials for kids to come up with terrific art – cut up colored paper , glue sticks, and colored pens. I provided them with already cut shapes in different colors and showed a couple of examples and they went to it.





Colorful valentine kids’ project


Maybe this would be a perfect Valentine Day project to do with your kids today. I came across this lesson “Heart Rubbings” on this wonderful site, everything preschool.

First I scrounged up a piece of recycled cardboard and cut it into boards about 7 x 10″. Then I hot glue gunned bunches of hearts on each board. I introduced the project to the kids as “invisible bumpy hearts”. They each felt the texture of the raised glue hearts (dry and cooled of course). I taped the boards on the table and then taped recycled white computer paper over the boards. The kids scribbled and excitedly the crayon rubbings revealed the hearts. They had a blast and most of them wanted to do at least 2 rubbings.

Learnings: texture, drawing pressure, movement.

I’m thinking of other subject matter to use for rubbings for more kids’ projects and in my own art. This would also be great for wrapping paper, collage backgrounds, etc.




Little footprint art

I often see kid hand print art, so I thought, why not footprints? I traced around each preschool child’s shoe and they decorated them. Some wanted the print to look like their shoe tread, others the top of their shoe. Some did their favorite colors. I drew along with the kids and some liked my multicolored design and added it in their footprints.

Kids’ learnings: their body, tracing, shapes, color choices, transferring from 3D to 2D.


Looking at the artwork later, it reminded me of images of Buddha’s footprints I had seen. Doing some research on this, I found out that long ago, when overt representations of the Buddha image were taboo, the main artistic way for symbolizing the Buddha’s presence was to show the Buddha’s “footprint.” I like how in my art lesson, each child’s presence is depicted in their footprint art.

Read more about the Buddha footprint art by clicking here.