Sitting Between Heaven and Earth

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It started as a chair for my mother who is no longer on earth. I thought she would have liked this view on a hill overlooking the ocean. I wished she were still here to talk to. I have new questions for her, ones I wasn’t pondering before. I have new understandings I didn’t have before. I always wanted us to be peers, to be able to speak woman to woman. Now it can only happen between worlds.

May this seat hold me between heaven and earth as I face new challenges. May the earth and sky be my allies. May I have conversations with my mother as I look out to the infinite sea.


More cool land art in Auckland

I can’t get enough of this stuff! I find land art so inspirational. I like how it changes the environment and my own sense of place and size.

Horizons by Neil Dawson

I just discovered Gibbs Farm in New Zealand, and came upon some gorgeous installations and sculpture.

Check it out: