The baby boomers fucked everything

We went to Southern Exposure’s new temporary space at 14th and Valencia in San Francisco. The event we saw was called “The baby boomers fucked everything, a psychedelic light show.” It was described as “an epic journey of sight and sound exploring the war’s effect on the American psyche to mark Independence Day.” Performing were Steven L. Andersn, Karl Erickson, and Robby Herbst, three Los Angeles based artists whose interests include counter alternative cultures, rhizomatic plants and color praxis, with sound by The Faraway Places (Modal Energy Music Configuration).

The performance was a light and music show that tipped it’s hat to the liquid projections of the ’60s. There is a great link I found that talks all about the origins of this art form: Since I had never been to a live light show, it was great fun to sit around on the floor and on bean bag chairs, with a bunch of strangers and take it all in. I think I even smelled a bit of herb floating through the air. I’m sure it was nostalgic for some of the viewers, but most of the audience weren’t even born then or at least weren’t teenagers in the ’60s. Though the light and music were great, I kept watching the light and color makers putting together their magic in the back with their overhead projectors. As far as being a profound piece about the war, well, it wasn’t. The videos say it all, so have a groovy experience watching them.

Southern Exposure’s Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

417 14th Street (@ Valencia)
San Francisco, CA 94103
t: (415) 863-2141