Sounds like art for Lisa and Mauro

Two artists of our Enso community, Lisa Petrides and Mauro FF, will have their music related sculpture featured in an art show in Berkeley. Lisa incorporates an actual viola into her multi-media work which includes acrylic paint, metal, and images.

Mauro’s piece makes use of the innards of a piano to create a graceful and tactile sculpture.

“Sounds Like Art” | Opening Reception
Monday May 19 | 6 – 9pm

Downtown Bar & Restaurant
2102 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94704

On Monday May 19 from 6-9pm, Downtown will host an opening reception “Sounds Like Art: a visual exhibition of music and sound”. The show features 12 artists working in a wide range of mediums, and will hang until the end of August. Mark your calendars, come and meet the artists, and join us as we celebrate all the arts – culinary, auditory, and visual. Performing live for the reception: Diana Rowan on harp, backed by Daniel Berkman’s (AKA Colfax) looped electronic audio-scapes.

Unsilent Night

Just saw this on the squid list – sounds really fun!

“Unsilent Night,” New York composer Phil Kline’s free, all—volunteer outdoor boombox holiday concert, returns to the San Francisco Bay Area for its fifth annual performance on Saturday, December 22, 2006, at 7:00 PM.

A beautiful, mobile piece of ambient public art, Unsilent Night can be compared to a holiday caroling party —— except that participants don’t sing. Instead, each carries an ordinary boombox playing a separate cassette, CD or mp3 that becomes part of the piece. In effect, Kline and his co—performers become single elements in a huge, moving sound system.

Performed within the confines of the city streets, Unsilent Night reverberates off the cars and buildings, resulting in a magnificent, drifting cloud of shimmering, echoing sound. The 43—minute piece includes sounds of chiming bells, choral voices and various electronic effects. (Kline cites Brian Eno and Charles Ives among his influences.)

Kline has performed Unsilent Night in New York City every year since 1992. Last year, more than 1,000 people took part in the SF procession.

Participants are invited to bring a boombox to Mission Dolores Park at 18th and Dolores Streets in San Francisco, gathering at 7:00 PM. After Kline distributes tapes and CDs among the players, the group will begin the piece, strolling a mile—long route though the Mission, Noe, and Castro districts. The event will be held rain or shine.


candlelight and whirling red skirt

Our friend Tantric Paul took us to a wonderful place called the Green Tea Palace. It is a little place near the Santa Fe plaza, is 2 months new and run by Leland and Vera. The cafe was beautiful in candle light and spiritual art from around the world and also the art of their daughter Beri adorned the adobe walls. Regular tables and chairs are interspersed with cushy pillows and low tables. While a very pregnant Vera cooked all the healthy food, some of it raw; her husband Leland , (with one daughter on his hip), ran around and made space for every person who stuck their head in the door, drawn to the wonderful live music like moths to a lantern. He rearranged chairs, and asked people to make room in such a gracious way, that everyone complied with a smile. Their kids, Beri and Rose ran around and enjoyed the music, while baby Jasmine slept in a stroller near her mother. Watching this family navigate their business and enjoy their customers was very heart warming.


The incredible music was provided by “The Shiva Brothers” who played together for the first time. Musicians included Danesh – sitar and guitar; Paul – bells and percussion, Adam – urdu, and our own HMBer Ander – electric bass. They had a special guest, Sita, a wonderful woman who chanted and played harmonium. The music was very moving and special. I do not think one could listen to it without feeling glowy (is that a word?).


One gentleman, Oma, got so into the sounds that he put on his dervish red skirt and twirled up a storm. He’s from the Carolinas (can’t remember which one) but looks like he is from Morocco and specializes in sculpting pregnant women using clay. When asked why pregnant women, he answered, “How else will more Goddesses come into the world?”

The Green Palace Tea House
209 East Palace Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501

haunting music in the fog

We are so fortunate to have our own Bohemian musicians in HMB. If you haven’t checked out their music, click this link Der UHU. Mauro ff, Ander Meyer, Robert Soper, and Jeramy G play a host of instruments from double bass, piano, theremin, didgeridoo, guitar, cello, tenor sax, melodica, gong, to bells and bowls. An open, prepared piano or ‘liberated’ as Mauro likes to call it, is prominent in their arrangements. Their music is very haunting and transformative, yet can also be very invigorating and chaotic. In this time of heavy technology, it can be refreshing to experience musicians performing with unusual and mostly acoustical instruments. Der UHU tracks are also available on CD.