Why I like Berkeley

Why I like Berkeley – culture, art, politics, opinions – pictures say thousands words.


I spy a “k”

I just found this delightful alphabet poster at one of my favorite blogs, hautenature. The letters are composed from the patterns on butterfly wings. Kjell Sandved actually took up photography just to capture the pristine wings all over the world for the alphabet creation.

Modern man, he says, has lost his ability to appreciate the small things in nature. In particular, he worries about the children. “They have so little access to real things because they’re taken away from the land. In the cities, with only concrete and steel, it’s worst.”

So, if a child can learn the alphabet while learning to see and appreciate nature, then Kjell Sandved will have climbed his mountain. “Small things,” he says, “aren’t something to crush underfoot.”

Read about his 24 year journey here.

Click here to find out how to purchase a poster.

Sometimes you don’t see it

I was in Reno a couple of weeks ago. While up on the roof terrace of the Reno Art Museum, I saw this incredible cloud. The shape and texture of it was like nothing I had ever seen before in a cloud. I took a bunch of photos of it.  


Later I looked though the earlier photos I took that day and here is what I found! I had actually been taking photos of the same cloud all along but was unaware of it.

Here I thought I was taking a photo of the Reno sign.

And here I thought I was shooting the funny “COED Lodging Motel” sign.

Just goes to show how I wasn’t seeing the natural wonders, blinded by the tacky human advertising.

Go green for a long life

I just read this post and like the suggestions. Here is an excerpt:

There are places in the world where a concentrated number of people routinely live to 100. From the lush valleys of Ecuador to the peaceful island of Okinawa to the pristine hills of the Himalayas, these centenarian clusters all have something in common: an environment conducive to a healthy, long life-clean air, pure water, and nature unspoiled by the modern world.

In our Western world, we have to contend with the toxic by-products of our technological advances. Not only have we made our environment cancerous for ourselves, but we have also made it harder for other organisms in nature to thrive. By living in harmony with nature, we bring health to ourselves and to the planet.

Here are suggestions from the article:

1) Make our world less plastic
2) Unbleached paper for the planet
3) Green your clean routine
4) Eat with an environmental edge

Go to Dr Mao for the full explanation of each point.