Chinatown is Ticotown

I was curious when I came upon this large Chinese gate in San Jose, Costa Rica. Googling I found that China financed most of this area in the Costa Rican capital. Continue reading “Chinatown is Ticotown”


Other acts of Tico humanity

Where else in the world would public art feature an elder overweight woman? Only in San Jose, Costa Rica have I seen this! The bronze statue, “La Chola” by artist Manuel Vargas, is thought to bring good luck if you rub her backside!

I also saw other things I haven’t before. As I was walking down the street I witnessed a young woman who had just Continue reading “Other acts of Tico humanity”

Random acts of Tico kindness


When I’m in another country I spend time just people watching and learning about a culture by seeing what they do. Continue reading “Random acts of Tico kindness”

Dental Vacation?

I started hearing friends talking about going out of the United States for dental work a few years ago. I didn’t give it much thought for myself until we went for a checkup. We had’t been to the dentist in 5 years. The recommendations for me – deep gum cleaning, 3 crowns, and 2 fillings and for my partner – 1 crown, possible root canal, and 1 filling. Cost for all that: $8,000. Continue reading “Dental Vacation?”

Robots, gotta love ’em

I have really been enjoying the rediscovery of San Jose this summer. One of the places I am really impressed with is the San Jose Museum of Art. They have two great exhibits there right now.

by Clayton Bailey
by Clayton Bailey

Everyone, kids to seniors will enjoy the Robot, Evolution of a Cultural Icon exhibit that is on until October 19. I have included a couple of videos of two artists to wet your appetite. One will remind you of Moontown!

Join the road trip exhibit

Hey – this looks like a lot of fun! And if you are like us, you haven’t straying far from home during this gas crunch (ok so you don’t count – ST, Lisa, Gerry, Mark) and may have some great photos of some sites. Check out the directions on the video

RAFT, a must for teachers

My most experienced and wise artist and teacher friend, Judy J-W took me on a field trip to Raft, Resource area for teaching. Judy has been raving about this place for years, but I never took the hike to San Jose to check it out till now.

I walked in and immediately got that this was a recycle wonderland. There were all kinds of packing stuff like weird foam shapes, and boxes and various paper sizes, thickness, and colors. There was yarn of many colors and binders and bags with computer company logos, and plastic containers and even computers and monitors and paints and maps and on and on. They even had sample projects set-up with the lesson plans – many of which were science and math oriented.

Raft also has workshops for teachers and community facilitators. Some examples are book making, worm composting, math games, computer classes.

I am in the process of joining Raft. If you teach in a classroom, licensed childcare or in a community program, you’re eligible to join. They have 7,500+ members that come from all over California, though primarily from Silicon Valley.

If you haven’t been to Raft, check out their very informative website,

Check out Pacific Art Collective

I was surfing the artist section on craigslist and came upon these guys called the Pacific Art Collective. Why haven’t I heard of them before? Here is what I found on their website:

Pacific Art Collective (PAC) is recognized for catapulting a collaborative arts movement. PAC is dedicated to presenting events that create awareness for International artists, art districts, venues & organizations through cross-cultural education and live performance. Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas, to Los Angeles all the way up to Portland, a collaborative art movement is going down.

PAC strives to inspire and assist communities to grow and prosper through pro-active visions of professional, cultural and artistic cooperation. We continue to stabilize an affirmative and energetic United Nation for all artists by highlighting the contemporary, urban, hip and traditional arts equally. When we work together, we all win!”

Right now PAC seems to be quite active in San Jose. Maybe worth checking them out! They look very urban, cutting edge, graffiti-esque.