Dental Vacation?

I started hearing friends talking about going out of the United States for dental work a few years ago. I didn’t give it much thought for myself until we went for a checkup. We had’t been to the dentist in 5 years. The recommendations for me – deep gum cleaning, 3 crowns, and 2 fillings and for my partner – 1 crown, possible root canal, and 1 filling. Cost for all that: $8,000. Continue reading “Dental Vacation?”

Join the road trip exhibit

Hey – this looks like a lot of fun! And if you are like us, you haven’t straying far from home during this gas crunch (ok so you don’t count – ST, Lisa, Gerry, Mark) and may have some great photos of some sites. Check out the directions on the video

Go on a redwood vacation without leaving the computer


Hey if you are too lazy to get in your car or too busy to leave your computer, you can still take a virtual walk in the redwoods by zooming in and out and mauvering on the path. Click here to be transported:

my favorite shop


Every time I go to Santa fe (I think I’ve been here at least 8x) I stumble upon this shop and then remember that I love it. The place is call Mira, which means “look” in Spanish. I like the eclectic nature of the store. It is full of treasures and interesting clothes. They sell oil cloth by the in kitschy patterns, as well as skeleton and skulls ala day of the dead and more.


Dena and Amanda were manning the store the day I went in. They were very informative and fun to hang out with. In fact I got the names and directions to a couple of authentic New Mexican Mexican restaurants to go to. Miguel and Chula, two cute and dressed up chihuahuas were in force alsoo. Too bad my photos of them were to blurry to post.

101 West Marcy Street
Santa Fe, NM
10- 6, m-sat, 12-5 sun.