Judy Shintani and Healing Art

Anyone who has lost his home to a climate of fear has a deep understanding of mankind’s capability for blind betrayal. The father of artist Judy Shintani was an American teenager when he and his family were interned at Tule Lake Incarceration Camp during WWII. Click here to read more.



It is my fault, and the scissors come through again!

Why is it that when I am at the end of my rope trying to find something and I start blaming my mate for putting it away where I can’t find it, that suddenly I find the item and it is exactly where I put it?

I got my computer back on Thursday! Hurray! My brother Jeff fixed it for me by reinstalling the whole thing – thanks bro! I am so happy to have my very own machine working, even though it is a Dell laptop and I know almost everyone wanted me to chuck it and get a brand new MAC. So what does this have to do with the lost item? I’m getting to that. You see what I lost was my camera USB cable. The very thing I needed to download all the new photos I took this weekend to upload to my blog – my poor blog which has been lacking color, visuals, life for the last 3 weeks!

So after having a major argument which resulted in not so nice words on both parts and a slammed door, I went back search the storage shed, his studio, and my studio, looking for the maroon backpack that I thought contained the cable, but no such luck.

Then it hit me, try the Mallory scissor trick! What you do is hang the scissors by one handle and you are supposed to find the item pretty quickly. You will never guess what happened. I looked around for a nail or someplace to hang the scissors and then spied the coat rack hook to place it on. That is when I saw it, hanging right next to the scissors was the backpack – right where I put it of course. Boy did I feel dumb, but boy did I thank the universe!

Of course the cable was NOT in the backpack, but I thought, well if the scissors worked for that let’s try again. So I took the scissors off the hook, closed them and opened them and hung them on the hook again, this time with the intention of finding the cable. I thought about where I would have put it, especially since I have been extremely careful to not lose the thing.

In the meantime, my guy came by to see how I was doing and I had to sheepishly say I was sorry and give him a kiss. Then I went back to search the basket next to my desk that has a pile of stuff in it that I did not want to lose but had not put away. Under a plastic bag, was my cable!

So I guess if I learned anything, it is to try the scissors first, before trying to blame anyone else and looking like a loony gal, AND most likely, where my stuff is, is right where I put it.